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Milan Design Week

Rockwell Group is thrilled to be launching two new lighting designs at this year’s Milan Design Week: The first is a family of three fixtures for LASVIT inspired by the celestial ceiling design at Grand Central Terminal. Each piece is named after a recognizable constellation—Cassiopeia (chandelier), Polaris (floor lamp), and Tri-star (wall sconce)—and all are composed of a similar toolkit of elements, including glass domes and metalwork, resulting in a flexible design and modular design.

The second is a reimagining of Gabriel Scott’s Welles Chandelier. In honor of the studio's 10th anniversary, Gabriel Scott brought together six international designers to reinterpret their iconic fixture.

rendering of welles chandelier redesign by david rockwell, gabriel scott

Hear about David Rockwell's inspiration behind the Welles collaboration here.

Visit the collections:

'Sanctums' by LASVIT:
Tenoha, Via Vigevano 18, Milan
June 6-12, 2022
Open 10:30-8:00

'Floating Ideas' by Gabriel Scott
Spazio Big, Via Santa Marta 10, Milan⁠
June 6-12, 2022
Open 10:30-7:30

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