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Product design is in our DNA—it's a natural extension of the design challenges we solve every day. For over 30 years, we've been designing custom furnishings and fixtures for our immersive environments, from restaurants and hotels to residences and workplaces.

From surface and floor coverings for Maya Romanoff, Shaw Hospitality Group, The Rug Company, and Jim Thompson, to furniture for Stellar Works and Knoll, we start with a need in the marketplace and the relationship with our collaborators.

Drawing on our encyclopedic knowledge of design, we create flexible, transformable products that support new ways of living, working, and communicating.

Geometric forms soften in our collection for Rich Brilliant Willing.

Spotlight Silver for The Rug Company.

Inspiration can be found in the uncharted territory between typologies.

Spotlight Silver, a design for The Rug Company, nods to our theatrical leanings. An abstracted ombré effect moves from light silk to dark wool.

At Rockwell Group, product design is intertwined with the narratives of our projects.

Rockwell Unscripted for Knoll is a collection of 30-plus pieces that empower workers to transform their environment, create spaces that support a multitude of tasks, and invite serendipitous meetings and “aha” moments.