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299 Park Avenue

New York, NY

Dynamic and cinematic, interactive and responsive. Our vision for the lobby of Fisher Brothers' 299 Park Avenue was to create an experience with storytelling and architecture that would reflect our changing workplace landscape. Rockwell Group’s architectural studio created an exterior façade and interior environment that highlight Living Canvas, a monumental digital art installation by LAB at Rockwell Group.

The new black stone and glass facade and low-rise planters blur the barrier between the street and the lobby’s interior, creating a dialogue with the LAB's installation.

Triangular reveals carved into the monolithic stone desk suggest a geode splitting open.

Elegant, Innovative and Artful

The LAB's installation, Living Canvas, brings together the beauty and delicacy of a painting with unexpected motion.

The 56-foot-long LED wall features content that responds to and reflects the heartbeat of the city. This art piece has unexpected moments of interaction, evolving over the course of the day and across seasons.

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