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Shaw Contract


Rockwell Group's longtime partnership with Shaw Contract has resulted in eight floor covering collections as well as a bespoke office and showroom overlooking Union Square in Manhattan. Our creative collaboration often results in collections that explore natural elements and environments in luxe proportions, taking advantage of Shaw's vast technical and sustainable expertise.

Soleil de Mer was inspired by the Mediterranean’s spectacles. Abstractions of big gestures, organic forms, and repeating geometries dominate the 2022 collection.

Coral, beach umbrellas, and refracted lights are dialed in or muted for statement rugs, corridors, and large rooms. The 80% wool, 20% acrylic carpets take advantage of Shaw’s Axminster loom capabilities, which produce durable, high-quality carpets with intricate patterns and colors.

For 2019’s Desert Lights collection, we looked to the patterns of the American Southwest.

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